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In-Game Name: Mesa #K
Real Name: Jesús Mesa 
Age/Birth Date: 23-04-1996
Gender: Male
Country/State (province)/City: Venezuela, Táchira, San Cristobal
Current Job/Career:
Job/Career you want: Informatics

Favorite Weapon(s): AWP /M4
Favorite Color:Blue
Favorite Food: Burger
Favorite Band(s): Linkin park
Favorite Movie(s): this is the end
Favorite Game(s): Counter Strike
Favorite Drink: cocktail
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Sport team: Real Madrid
Favorite Sport Player: CR7
Favorite Things to do: sleep :v
Favorite Server Mod: 
Favorite TV Show/Program: 
Favorite Style:
Favorite Car: Mustang GT
Favorite Singer: Neutro Shorty
Favorite Hollywood Star: James Franco
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(01-10-2016, 12:02 AM)Jesus Antonio Mesa Hernandez Wrote: Well, I honestly do not think it plays very well but I am very active and this server in particular, play counter for a long time and it truly desire to be accepted into the clan, I want to be BsK long time and for nothing, hope to be accepted , Thank you

Ok not really following that first statement and we still don't know anything about you but welcome anyway.  Confused   Maybe tell us why you want to be in this clan? How long have you been playing cs?
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Well, honestly, I do not think that game very well, but I am very active and on this server, in particular, have played for a long time about about 9 years and really want to be accepted into the clan, I always call the attention this clan I have good playing in this server since 2012 in fact, my favorite mod is the DoD, and want to be BsK long, time ago and then nothing, hoping to be accepted and become part of this community, Thanks
Thanks given by: Phaze-One

I dont understand nothing what u saying lol
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , r3coN

It's possible the translator you are using is malfunctioning...

Anyways, welcome to the forums.
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"Time waits for no man."
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