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Baseball MAN!

I am a player and great fan of the beautiful game ... What would be for you to CURRENT players IDEAL and what would TEAM for you players WITHDRAWN AND IDEAL EQUIPMENT

My team 's current players :

Name Position Equip
Ichiro Suzuki RF New York Yankees
Jose Altuve 2B Houston Astros
Miguel Cabrera 1B Detroit Tigers
Jose Bautista LF Toronto Blue Jays
David Ortiz DH Boston Red Sox
Pablo Sandoval 3B Boston Red Sox
Buster Posey C San Francisco Giants
Yasiel Puig CF Angels Dodgers
Andrelton Simmons SS Atlanta Braves
Felix Hernandez P Seattle Mariners

My team Retired Players

Name Position Equip
Jackie Robinson 2B Dodgers
Carl Ripken JR 3B Orioles
Ken Griffey JR CF Seattle
Barry Bonds DH Giants
Ted Williams LF Boston
Ivan Rodriguez C Rangers, Tigers
Roberto Clemente RF Pirates
Harmon Killebrew 1B Senadores, Mellizos
Omar Vizquel SS Cleveland
Sandy Koufax P Dodgers
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