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All Read-Test IMPORTANT!

I only have one thing to say

VeGa Wrote:banished is banished and no more [img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]


( full response to this thread in a few minutes , stand by )
Being a Jerk is my job. 

[Image: 1318299220797.jpg]

Ok now without jokes, look guys, if i had to write my entire BsK experience it would be the longest post in forum, im gonna write a "SHORT" description

if you check who's the first BsK member, its gonna say, "Dj Ashba" , but NOPE !, that's because we merged some old accounts into my acc. 
I Joined BanishedSoldiers in December 2011... almost 4 years AND ITS BEEN ONE HELL OF A RIDE !!!!

Back in 2011 my PC was so so bad, i couldnt even play L4D1, and i was looking for a zombies game, after all my modern games failed due to my shitty PC, i decided to try CS 1.6 Zombie Plague, first, i found a Chilean community which i didnt like because i hate my own country and language ( lol ), I didnt have CS Steam, i only played Free-To-Play games on Steam. that means i had to play with a non-steam CS version, i considered myself a guy who knew a lot about the game ( until i meet Digital and Besnik ), when you play a non-steam version, you can modify a file named masterservers, to change your browsing servers list to another country, so i switched to U.S , and guess what... [] Zombie Plague 2000 FPS  was the first one i saw. the rest is history

I started as a clan member, and i can proudly say, im the very first BsK owner who became owner with promotions, Clan Member - Admin - Staff - Main Staff - Co-Owner - Owner ( those were the ranks back then ) , then i got my Steam Account in 2010 and became a racist cunt (jk ) im an owner since 2013, but i have Owner privileges since 2012. i used to do a lot of things, then i became lazy and fat.

I have met a lot of nice people, and my currently best online friend is in BsK now, i wont thank anyone, because everyone i would like to thank are not a part of us anymore.
But there are a few guys who deserve a "Thank you" not for my experience or my position, but due to their loyalty. i wont name anyone because i dont like exclusions, those who feel identified know im talking about them.

We are changing, we are looking for better gaming experience and hoping to grow even more. 

I feel so happy i read my name in your experiences a lot of times, i hope its not to make me feel better because im sure some of you guys think im such an asshole, but i always want the best for us, and that is what matters, i can proudly say, we (owners) NEVER took any single penny for personal use. We have NEVER done anything bad against BsK, we never stole money, we never tried to mess with forums or servers. I'm not a bad guy, but i like to follow the rules we created, i hope you guys understand my position.
And after all... i dont consider this a Family, but a group of guys with the same taste and guys who share love for the same logo. B-S-K

alright i gotta stop with the BsK name for a few days and i will just call ourselves :
Banished Soldiers, our full, real, original Name.

If Its hard we do it, if its impossible it just takes us longer... Deal with it.

I'd like to read bullseye experience

Being a Jerk is my job. 

[Image: 1318299220797.jpg]

i not talk so much
i enter in bsk only for multijump jaja and see the players camilo,kick, rude,rad, u-god,but i dont have idea what is bsk(lol), but white more playing i like more more more more more dust2, i create my acc, and see report hackers its very easy i dont have any difficulty and report my first player, i forgot the forum, and enter in your others servers, but you change one server by throwback no awp and said i love this servers, but damn, hackers always:/, i enter again,again,again in the forum, i app and see the higher accepted me wow!, i report hackers more,more,more, and many people in dust/inferno said avicii app for admin i said no, i dont want, but look me now first admin dust/inferno now in dust2, lol i talking so much, the last BsK is AMAZING.
and my english is bad:/

[Image: tumblr_mwq8siCORl1rau3mvo1_500.gif]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010 , Dj Ashba™ ۩

Hello everyone, I would like to say what I have seen ever since I have been in the clan. When I first registered to the clan, I thought I was a member as the instruction in the server says that you have to register to become a member. That is exactly what I did. However, I founnd out later that I need to do more to become a member and that I would have to finish some tasks to be able to become a full fledged member..... MORE TO COME....
[Image: BOEING-APP-LOGO_433.jpg][Image: logo-PMDG.png]
Thanks given by: [BsK] RiKuDoU , Phaze-One

Not sure if I have a gametracker account or not...

I've been in and out of hiatus with Banished but I LOVE watching this community grow. Been with Banished for 3 years now and it's crazy to see where it's at now. Much love to Ashba and Satanic. Yall have done a great job with the community. 

[img]images/smilies/heart.gif[/img]Aaron #texas[img]images/smilies/heart.gif[/img]
[Image: 02bf329662733a925416eacfc4f6eb69.gif?resize=450%2C238]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , Dj Ashba™ ۩

n_n Now I go to now I go to count a bit of my experience
hehe mmm I already go more of one year <3 and it has been the better experience
I played much in the server zombie Big Grin for my it was the best server that it had
then I decided to invite to CAMILO1010 XD, I convinced it of that played with me
and ir was better n_n, and these moments I kwen to persons incredibles
Jestrade2, Iron first, Now XD, a bit to Phantom, Krazzy, kick ass, Acient *-*
already later, Mr CAMILO1010 ir joined to comunity BsK ñ.ñ and it that I played after thah he :V
ok... then I wanted joined to the comunity BsK <3, then, I was playing more servers and now loved to the server official <3
already later, already later there came to me a news that made me happy the day
I joined to the comunity BsK *-* Big Grin 
and I got knowing more people as... 
Rudeboy, Rudegirl, high, ultrakiller, blue :v, tome pa pinto and more people wonderful
already later I gave myself of account that CAMILO1010 ñ.ñ was admin of dust2 
I waited until I could be admin in the server official *-*
later receipt the notice that I already have admin permanent, later of do the Admin app Big Grin I have been happy since then
I don't know that it was a steam :v because later I knew that was haha 
I never needed a steam I don't even have one... 
till now XD, now I have problem and I don't can enter to a server... hehe I don't know why?!.... Sad
now I if need un cs steam :'v
But good ... it already is another thing 
I almost always Almost always it was something quiet, n_n 
and every time  I got knowing more people
Vz, Rikudoy n_n, Rider, luifer, avicii, itachi and more people that I do not remember his names :v
thanks to all <3
It would count mas of my experience but me haria very long
[Image: zpb.gif]
[Image: sig.php?player_id=221668&background=random]
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , [BsK] RiKuDoU , Phaze-One

Not much to say.. 

Long ago I play here and the truth is that it's very enjoyable. I lived many good  moments here.
Recently I began to be part of this Klan and honestly , I was surprised to meet this great community. 
Since I met BsK has been my favorite server, and I'm happy to say that today is still the best for me. 

Thanks for letting me be part of this beautiful community.





[Image: tumblr_lvgv08bKCe1qzs73so1_400.gif]
                               ~ Adele ~
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010 , Dj Ashba™ ۩

To me, BsK means a home away from jail... ok, just kidding, but I have spent enough time in there to know that this is a much better place to be. I hate that dam sugar-free koolaid. Anyways...

I've been with the klan since November, and it's a great place for me to come and hang out with some long-distance friends who I have something in common with. Whether it's in the forums, or on the servers, I have noticed that wearing the BsK tag yields a sense of respect throughout our community, klan members or not. I feel that respect comes from the positive atmosphere that we project, and a unity among eachother implemented by our behaviors. I wear this tag with pride and honor, and congratulate my fellow klan mates. To us! Game on!
[Image: sig.php?player_id=47385&background=random]
[Image: cl0x.png]
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , Phaze-One

Well, I started with bsk back in March 2014 I believe. I had just started playing cs again after about a 4-5 year break. I was befriended by Iro originally. I loved playing in the d2 24/7 server because I loved d2 and learned to love multi-hop. I became a regular in the server and got to know a couple more members; such as, Phantom, Vega, and Mpressive. I decided to join the forums and soon after donated for admin for d2 24/7. After a month I applied for the clan and was accepted. I continued to work hard to help the community and do whatever it needed, worked my way up and up and bsk became a 2nd family to me. As of late I have been quite inactive because of changing jobs and moving houses. See a lot of changes going on and its nice to see things still improving.
[Image: dlaupo2cb8e.png]

"Time waits for no man."
Thanks given by: $atanic $pirit

(05-30-2015, 04:14 AM)Phaze-One Wrote: Hello and thank you for choosing banished soldiers, i am writing this for a few reasons: [img]images/smilies/angel.gif[/img]

[img]images/smilies/angry.gif[/img] First off, This just has to stop and will stop: I have noticed alot of you seem to be incapable of following directions and that is just not acceptable.

[img]images/smilies/exclamation.gif[/img] All members here must be able to read and understand basic English directions and reply when asked upon. That includes responding to certain post actions like this one that just might effect your outcome here as a member. I have seen alot of replies lately that are really not needed like:
"Thank you for your reply." blaw blaw WTF----Excuse me but we have a mother freaking "thank you" button located on the bottom of each post, you need not to post another post saying thank you. I'm so done seeing this stuff so...   This kind of thing is over and you will get negative rep from me if i see it again. too much neg rep = ban.

[img]images/smilies/exclamation.gif[/img] Next and this is big it is to see who really pays attention here and who just doesn't give a crap (and needs to go) hummmm...
ALL clan members and above AND I REPEAT: ALL clan members and above are now required to sign up at our gametracker site @ i have posted it before but if you do not have an account make one!!! As now i am making this is a new requirement of all our members!!!

[img]images/smilies/exclamation.gif[/img] Next and i hope you are still listening because i want ALL members of this community to comment this post with at least one complete sentence here giving us a brief detail of your own experience here and what bsk means to you!

[img]images/smilies/lightbulb.gif[/img] Go NOW!!![img]images/smilies/cool.gif[/img]

If you don't respond that means you can't read you will be reviewed and or removed !!!
Im going to respond just because I can Tongue and i am not active anymore everyone should know this cs go is love cs go is life .. but life is really life and cs go idling is about that life.. so summing up this gibberish im 70% of the time afk and loves everyone is bsk but not really in the clan anymore so to speak If you guys ever get up to Global Elite in csgo hit me up and well play or if you want to play ill jump on a ult Account Love everyone in BSK miss the good old days but 1.6 is dead to me forever <3
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[Image: 2mo8ca1.jpg]
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