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All Read-Test IMPORTANT!

Hello and thank you for choosing banished soldiers, i am writing this for a few reasons: [img]images/smilies/angel.gif[/img]

[img]images/smilies/angry.gif[/img] First off, This just has to stop and will stop: I have noticed alot of you seem to be incapable of following directions and that is just not acceptable.

[img]images/smilies/exclamation.gif[/img] All members here must be able to read and understand basic English directions and reply when asked upon. That includes responding to certain post actions like this one that just might effect your outcome here as a member. I have seen alot of replies lately that are really not needed like:
"Thank you for your reply." blaw blaw WTF----Excuse me but we have a mother freaking "thank you" button located on the bottom of each post, you need not to post another post saying thank you. I'm so done seeing this stuff so...   This kind of thing is over and you will get negative rep from me if i see it again. too much neg rep = ban.

[img]images/smilies/exclamation.gif[/img] Next and this is big it is to see who really pays attention here and who just doesn't give a crap (and needs to go) hummmm...
ALL clan members and above AND I REPEAT: ALL clan members and above are now required to sign up at our gametracker site @ i have posted it before but if you do not have an account make one!!! As now i am making this is a new requirement of all our members!!!

[img]images/smilies/exclamation.gif[/img] Next and i hope you are still listening because i want ALL members of this community to comment this post with at least one complete sentence here giving us a brief detail of your own experience here and what bsk means to you!

[img]images/smilies/lightbulb.gif[/img] Go NOW!!![img]images/smilies/cool.gif[/img]

If you don't respond that means you can't read you will be reviewed and or removed !!!
[Image: Herpywhooves-vhs-signature.gif]

I'm here since november, I met alot of good people in this short time some of them are my best friends, I appreciate all our members, but some of them just do not help us I mean they just want to wear"[BsK]"I noticed that also some guys want to be"[BsK]" for the name  not for help us,I want to say that we did alot of changes I noticed that we changed servers we are trying new we have a cs:go server  and we will have others server We know that we are the best.

BsK for me is everything I just came and some dudes said "Welcome" I felt good, I feel good spending time playing with you guys, Spirit is so funny(Weird) Ash loves Cs:go(he does not want to play with us :C) Phaze got mad when someone killed him, Bulls Just want that all the player must do the objective, N0616JC I used to play with him he was a nice guy, R3con loves loyalty , I never met mrpressive :l,camilo is camilo,  High is crazy with his awp, I dunno Rider, Vz is one of my best friends he is weird , Lightning he used to play cs :l, Biker he just loves hybrid, Our donators if some of them see this thread Thanks for your money Smile,  Blink loves anime lol (like me ), Icehold I'm seeing him around now he is more active, Luifer is so freaking weird , I never met kriloko,  I never met agent smith, Sieggy my best friend he just loves sing weird songs (jk), i never met mister apple, yeo I hate you! (jk), Fitty just loves riding his dirty bike, Avicci nice guy, Fps just want to beat his meat, Kikezito loves get rekt, Phantom I used to play with him he is a nice guy,  maquiavelico Is a nice guy too (though), sennin just loves complain everything, and koko hate you too! (jk).
What I'm trying to say to mention all of you guys In my 6 months here I played with all of you..i know a little bit your behavior.. We are an awesome community bsk means to me This We are more than a simple community we are the best community We never give up. (my point of view).

all our members thanks to be Part of this community I wish that all of you write here all your experience here, thanks to our admins to keep the servers clean

Thanks to our owners!

I'm glad to be part of this awesome community! Live Long BsK
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , Phaze-One , [BsK] RiKuDoU

[b]ok now my turn... 

when I started playing cs, my friend Kriloko said me that a community had amazing servers so I enter  play with him in the servers, mainly between playing in the zombie server, There I met amazing people as Acientgosht, Phamton,Randal, Jestrade, Iron, Kick ass, rude, pink love <3 Big Grin, yaya, ashba, spirit ( in the classic )  among others, after I see much people that was BsK, I also wanted be a member of BsK, but i don't know as was the requeriments o better I don't know create post xD, as introduction or clan app, I talk with Kick ass about of that I wanted be a member of BsK, he explain me all about the requeriments and as create the post, finally I apply for member ( I never thought it was going be a member ), but the amazing highers accept me, I was very happy because I had managed to become a member.

After I started helping the community with the reports, I do the best job with reports, when I received great news, What I was the Member Of The Month ( Thanks to the Owners for giving me that opportunity ) Well, I choose the server Dust 2, why ? because for me is the better server and I think that need help in this server, finally ends my admin, ( I was sad ) I had some mistakes, and I thought it would not be permanent admin, but I received great news, that i was the new permanent admin Big Grin Big Grin.... Thanks for that... BsK <3

Good, I started much help the community ( what I could ), the ex-Owner YaYa, He said me that I was your admirer ( idk... ) I talk much with him, good, i wanted be a SM, but nobody see my job ( think ) but it was not so, rudeboy was the new staff and the position of him was vacancy, so that I continued with my good job, when I received great news that I was the new SM of Dust 2, I said OMG, I was very very happy for that, I thanked the two owners for that ( Ashba and YaYa ), in this time I little spoke with ashba ( I don't know why xD ) But good, I continued my work as SM, when YaYa and Ashba said me that he have me a good prize,  but I don't know it was the prize, only said me that wait the night, I wait the night when I see new promotions, and my nick was there, I was a little excited, good , I read all the post and I see that was the new Staff, I was very happy that day because I saw that I was actually helping a lot to the community, ( really I appreciate that opportunity ).

Well, I continued my job as Staff, already with the time, I started to talk a much with ashba ( I thought that ashba hated me ) but it's not like that, I talk with him about of new changes that Owners made, little to little, I started to win the loyalty of ashba, ( sorry by some annoying things ashba ) you know Big Grin. Well, he said me that my job as Staff was awesome, I say that I always would do the best job, the time pased, I wanted be a CoS, only I had that wait, but good, when Ashb said me that I was the new CoS, so that I see the post and was truth !!!!, in my mind I was saying ( OMG !! ) immediately I send to messagge in steam to Ashba, give the thanks for the promotion and that I was never going to disappoint..... !!! 

Good guys this is a little of my life in BsK <3 THANKS BsK for all

And finally I want give thanks to Ashba, $pirit, Phaze, and Bulls !! THANKS FOR ALL GUYS Big Grin I'm really  very grateful for all the opportunities.... I only hope that I can this much time here !!!!!.
[Image: FAB.gif?1666]

[Image: 76561198065307330]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , [BsK] RiKuDoU

First I want to thank all those who have given me their support in this amazing family, though some have been removed ... I want to summarize my experience here as INCREDIBLE !!! I am completely grateful to all of you for making me grow as admin and person in this family.

I not have a great speech haha, actions say than thousand words, so I'll keep and improve my work
I just want to say that in my have a great friend and brother who always help them in everything I can [img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Really many thank you very much for everything, eternally grateful for the new things I've learned here, and for giving me the great opportunity to be Staff, simply thanks !!! [img]images/smilies/heart.gif[/img][img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Banished Soldiers Klan





[Image: 76561198094236024.png]

[Image: sig.php?player_id=307&background=random]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010

Being a member of this Family has taught me several things. It has taught me it is hard to re-earn respect and trust once i have screwed up. It also tought me that i should always come clean when something happens. Being here has taught me i should trust and respect others, and that they will respect and trust me.

As for what BsK means to me, I feel that it is a second family. Sure, we all argue, and bicker back and forth... but what family doesn't do that? At the end of the day, we all come together, sit at the same table, and share what we have done today, and still remain a family...
[Image: graphic.png]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010

I feel like I have to cut a lot of the stuff about my experiences, but let me make an over all statement. Banished Soldiers have had its ups and downs, but it has always been there.

Being one of the oldest members here. I have been the part of some of the very top level decisions. Banished Soldiers for me is not a gaming community that I joined, I'm way past that point now. It is something that I have built; and watching it grow was a great experience. Constant growth and improvements are my current targets.

We made some vital steps by downsizing our Counter Strike 1.6 operations and including new games to our resume, which will help to shape our future. My next step is to include the games that don't require a dedicated server like Age of Empires 2/3 or some free to play game.

To sum it all up. There have been a lot of Counter Strike 1.6 communities who are just chasing nothing. They want their servers full and have the most amount of members, but what everyone fails to understand is that making someone register or forcing players via boosting is not gonna do you any favors. We boost our servers two, but that happens every 2-3 months, not days. This is the reason why I choose Banished Soldiers. We don't wanna compete with other communities and call us number 1. We are here to provide best gaming experience possible to our players and that alone.
[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010 , Lui

been to many clans but none [BsK] reach [BsK] in February 2014 and I felt very happy to meet many wonderful people in ents servers, which most cosidero and as my friends, when I made my post for membership and saw how many people greeted me I was glad because there inall clans there are people who welcome you with joy, unlike other other clans do just to have the obligation to do so and should not be well, and I learned a lot from this clan and its members, my first friends I met here was: take pal pinto, Camilo <3, Rudeboy, among others. these are the most important friends I had at that time and because they inspired me do member and make every effort to reach beyond but all I am now [BsK] to whom I must thank is CAMILO <3 The me helped a lot in [BsK] 

i'm giving all my best and I really love this community get very far, be the first server in the world we have had strong falls in the community but got up and followed no matter forward always up, this is what I like in this community who never give up hope to continue being part of this great clan and being with these wonderful people I have taught many things really thanks for everything to me [BsK] is my world Cs 1.6

Finally we want to thank to the propetrarios [ BsK ]to make this the best clan , I hope to continue in this clan as much as possible and taking advantage of the opportunities offered me by proving the best of my[Image: heart.gif][Image: heart.gif][Image: blush.gif][Image: blush.gif][Image: biggrin.gif][Image: biggrin.gif]
[Image: 302qvf5.jpg]

[Image: Calavera.jpg]
Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010 , Dj Ashba™ ۩

Beginning I joined the Community in October 2014, There so far I've met a lot of people and made friends, and enjoyed it in their forums, we servers etc

I've had enough trouble when I became a Member here with HIGH hehehehe, after a while other confusion with YaYa em questão to become admin because I had to be patient and at the time I wasn't too hehe Big Grin 

I was a long inactive because of my computer that was very bad and I couldn't play, I just got back in April, and I got something I wanted enough to be a permanent admin Big Grin

Thanks Banished Soldiers Klan And  [b]of course mainly the owners

[Image: bsoldiers.png]

Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010 , Dj Ashba™ ۩

Ok, the experience in here have been very joyfull, i mean i enjoyed all of the times playing on the servers with the people, i was playing normally like all days and then happened something that would let me meet the BsK Forum... What did happened was that i was playing normally like everyday and that day was playing good (like i always do lol)  and a freaking idiot dude (FPS aka Faps per seconds), just came into the server and banned me thinking i was hacking. I had to do a freaking unban appeal because of it as you can see in here.   And well i got unbanned (Obv) from that moment i started looking the forums and trying to meet people on the chat, then reporting cause it was cool the feel that you actually are doing something to help, and then i'm here now an admin of classic server.

People in here are very cool, despite the fact that i always make fun and everything i can say that they're really good persons, i'm talking about all of the persons i really have talked a lot in here. So yeah let's go bro! 

For some reason i'm really grateful that actually someone had banned me, cause if it wasn't because of that i could never have met bsk forums, wich mean a lot for me.

[Image: sig.php?player_id=177&background=random]

[Image: 4117867.png]

Well where do i start . I have been here since 2 years. I start from the beginning as a member to a admin,demo reviewer,server manager,staff

I made my mistakes also most of the time i spent here was like a non steamer user because im a really humble person.

I want to thank spirit for buying me my cs. That was something im always would be grateful to him.

One day im going to pay you what i own to you

About adding age of empire 2 and 3

That would be a great idea

I would like to suggest if you want to add League of Legends to your plans

I Know we dont have many members but with me and luifer it can be a start
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: nice-ass-gifs-33.gif?w=430&h=242]

Thanks given by: Phaze-One , CAMILO1010

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