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Admin request
In-Game Name:
Steam status:
Server requesting admin to:
Time of day you play (include timezone):

hmmmm kinda tired my self and I think as you guys to call you on steam with hacker alert.
Trying to keep the server clean ass possible for those  who are respecting the game and the server rules.
here are my reports
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my vote is YES for sure. you're great  Tongue
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and I had experience as an admin in 2008-2010 or 2011
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You've been showing a lot of reports, and that you can be a good one, so...

Therefore: Admin app....[b]GRANTED 
Server: Classic
- You will use BsK-T.| to all can know that you are in trial admin
- You have 15 days to show us that you deserve be admin
- Read the Server admin rules
- Upload all your demos in one thread that you will make here
- Remember put in all your demos "amx_who" in console 
- If you not are sure about if someone is a hacker feel free to upload the demo and ask for opinion of highers with experience
- Any violation of our rules or abuse admin will be the immediate finish of your trial.

I'll talk with you soon, to activate it. Have a good day. Angel
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