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Admin app - [Yeo]^
In-Game Name:
Steam status:
Server requesting admin to:
Time of day you play (include timezone):

Hello and welcome to the blue team , if you need help you can count on me Big Grin
[Image: zpb.gif]
[Image: sig.php?player_id=221668&background=random]
Thanks given by: [Yeo]^

Tranks!! [img]images/smilies/heart.gif[/img]
[BsK] [Yeo]^

[Image: Yeo-Firma-Bycya.gif]
Thanks given by:

Welcome to the blue team  
[Image: intro2.gif]
[Image: vvwv.gif]
Thanks given by: [Yeo]^

Congratz! Hope you do a good job as admin.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: [Yeo]^

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