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Admin Rules - Zombie Plague

i Need to make this thread, 'cause some admins are abusing of their powers here...

When u're admin there, u have another admin menu, where u can Respawn players, Give powers and a lot of things...

1-You Are not allowed to Slap players who are not Blocking or Breaking Our Rules

Example :

Giving Slap for Fun

[Image: zmassaultattack0001.png]

2- You're Not Allowed to Slay someone for a stupid reason

for example :

"he used 3 madness to kill me, Noob"

"He's was Camping at the invisible bridge on Zm_five"

( Some players don't know our rules, just give him a warn, and if he doesnt move, SLAP him)

YOu're Allowed to Slay Players who are breaking ramps before the 10 seconds count

3-About Respawn:

• You can respawn Players who recently join the server:

For Example :

Dj Ashba-- Dead-- 0 Kills-- 0 Deaths

• You Can't Respawn a Player who died playing ( Armaggedon mode, Swarm Mode, Nemesis Mode)


4- You're Allowed To Slay Blockers if they're in a Box, Duct or Small Places... Use slap when they're blocking big places!!

5- You are not allowed to use your powers to Save your life or give u an adventage.

Example: Slap yourself to fly through the map, Make you zombie, human, survivor, Nemesis

Staff/M.Staffs/Owners can do it just for test something, or find a bug

But U Cant Kill ANYONE !! My Example : yesterday I made me nemesis to find a Bug in Zm_beach , but i didnt kill players.

6- Don't give to another Player an adventage!!!
Example: Players saying :Make me Zombie!!!, Make me Human Again!!! Make me Nemesis!
Make me Survivor (only for staff/main staff/owners)... Etc

Follow Our General Admin Rules :

That's All for now... Give your suggestions and i'll add more rules

Peace And Love , DJ Ashba
[Image: giphy.gif]
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I agree with the rules because there admines that do not the follow
[Image: giphy.gif]
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ray do not like that photo ^ ^ ^

but thanks for the new rules renewal, will be of great help to many
[Image: 2097628873_0c72057337_o.jpg]
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thanks for rules of admin server zombie plague!
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is there a thread that tells the zombie command list? im new to zombie plague and dont know any commands really.
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Press "M" to open the zp menu, and "9" to Zp admin menu .... thats all
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allright. thanks!!
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