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Admin Rules

Those rules Apply for Adm /Adm Manager/Staff

1. Do not use your admin Privilegies to give you or another player an advantage

2. Unless they are hacking, warn players before punishing them

3. Do not kill/slap/slay a player for no reason

4. As an admin you must AT LEAST be somewhat active in Servers

5. As an admin you must AT LEAST be somewhat active in forums 1 time at day, posting or reading unban appeals

6. Do not use your amx commands on another admin. if that admin is breaking the rules, post it on the forums.

7. DO NOT use the unban command on a player if you believe they were banned unfairly. Ask them to make appeal in the unban appeal section

8. As an admin you are required to wear the [BsK] tag in front of your in-game name or [BsK-T] if you are a trail admin.

9. Every admin must respect their superiors. For instance, if a staff asks a server admin to watch someone they think is hacking, they must do so.

10. Your ban reason must be valid! Only use common reasons like: Aimbot, Wallhack, Spamming/Advertising.. ect... Any reason entered that is foolish like "stop walling n00b" or "f*** you waller!" will NOT be tolerated!

11. Before u ban any player, u must record a demo from banned player, DONT' BAN until u have enough cheat proof!!

12. Every BsK member must use same nick in Forum / Servers

Failure to follow these rules or any misuse of power will result in:

Trial Admin - immediate removed
1st Infraction = 1 day Admin freeze
2nd Infraction = 2 day Admin Freeze
3rd Infraction = 1 week Admin freeze
4th Infraction = YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ADMIN!

You get an infraction by doing this :

1. Not posting a demo for an unban appeal
2. Having an unban appeal that is approved. This varies on how close to hacking the person was.
3. Unbanning anyone without permission.
4. Any other rules suggested in the Server Admin Rules.

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