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Admin Application (Real)
In-Game Name:
Steam status:
Server requesting admin to:
Time of day you play (include timezone):

I will quote this from my previous application, somehow i'm unable to post on that thread so i believe this will be fine.
Link to the previous application:
I'm formally applying for Administrator status at our servers because there are two problems that needs to be addressed and i'm willing to give a shot giving my best to help the community.

#1 Lack of Admin during certain times, please do not misunderstand i'm not asking or requesting that admins should be online 24/7 but currently there are huge periods without admin pressence and during those times there are many players abusing with their hacks.

#2 Lack of players, either to be solved boosting the server or with active admin presence because i see players joining from time on time and the more players you see, the more will be joining but then we have a hacker or multiple hackers joining and we lose our server population, server ends empty and the cycle repeats

I wanna clearify that i am taking demos and reporting as much possible but this is 'useless' because the players that are online want immediate action, i mean it's good to get rid of these hackers but even if they are being banned one or two hours after the report has been made its kinda late because they had enough time to abuse and ruin the game for the legit players that are online, of course the regular players will be joining but the casual players the ones that just found the server or join from time on time might not come back anymore.

I would be asking for admin status on both classic and dust2 server.

The cons on my application is that i am non steam player and i guess that would be the stone here but even if this request is denied i'd insist that the current situation with hackers needs to be discussed between clan members or the administrators.

My reports:
My steam profile/id:
Thanks given by:

well.. I have to say congratulations. I don't see a guy with so much determination tobe a member of this clan since I did this.

Me too, when I walked in, I wanted so much to be part of the clan I bought CS Steam just to be part of this family. so I appreciate it when I see another with such determination.


Read our forum and server rules, adm rules too.  Big Grin  Welcome!
Thanks given by: CAMILO1010 , Finnick , Phaze-One

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