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Admin Application
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I have been an admin on this site. Due to signing up classes for school and work, i have been inactive for a while.
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for the same reasons of jecht . I dont need explain cuz u all know me.. I wanna be adm on Classic server cuz I will be here more time now.  Big Grin
Thanks given by: Jecht

@Jecht, I'd like you to start showing that you can be active. Get some reports going in the report forum and prove that you can be more active, and we will come back to your application (Lets say in 2 weeks; February 28th).  Now-a-days, with the inactivity in our community, I will ask that you not only are active on the servers but also in the forums.  We want people that not only can ban hackers but also attract other good, active players to our community. I see that you have been active in the servers, please continue this with an added effort to also be active in forums and add more hacker reports. Thanks for the interest and welcome back.

@StandarD, Lol standard you know better...make your own admin app bro. Why you taking over his thread?
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Thanks given by: Jecht , Phaze-One

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