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Admin App
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Why i want to become admn?

I have some time like members and i have learned something...

Admin, is not just ban, be admin is help, it's be one good person and good player...
I have learned a lot with you... and i want learn more, i have just 6 months in CS, and i don't know a lot of things... this is the next step to learn...
I wanna help BsK, i always wanted be a true BsK, and be a good of us... now i'm less active, but i continue loving BsK, and it never will change.....
I had a lot of mistakes, but now i'm best... i hope you'll understand

I want to be admin 'cause i want learn and be best Big Grin

But i don't no too much, i hope you'll test me... Thanks for readind and have a good day Big Grin

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:14598326

I have  many posts of reports... and you have read it... i just will paste the #1 'cause the others are really short (something like 4 reports)


I have no problem if you deny me... i just want the best for the klan, ad if i'm not the best, no problem....

simply decide Big Grin
$die = false;

Thanks given by:

Consider your application pending while we discuss, thanks ED.
Thanks given by: EDHAWK

Congratulations ED.
We have decided to give you the chance to become an admin in our D2 server.

Please consider the following:

You need to use the [BsK-T] tag for the mean time, you will be under trial period for 15 days from now.
You need to contact me for detailed instructions to active your admin status in game and explain the basic procedures.
Thanks given by: EDHAWK , EDHAWK , EDHAWK

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