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Admin App.
In-Game Name:
Steam status:
Server requesting admin to:
Time of day you play (include timezone):

+1 Admin app GRANTED

- You will use [BsK-T] to all can know that you are in trial admin

- You have 15 days to show us that you deserve be admin
- Read the Server admin rules
- Upload all your demos in one thread that you will make here
- Remember put in all your demos "amx_who" in console 
- If you not are sure about if someone is a hacker feel free to upload the demo and ask for opinion of highers with experience
- Any violation of our rules or abuse admin will be the immediate finish of your trial.

I'm going to send a PM on steam so go there
Thanks given by: SparkY.-

Thank you for trusting me again Big Grin
Thanks given by:

Congratz SparkY Big Grin
Thanks given by: SparkY.-

This is good, more admin,few hackers!
Congrtaz man
Thanks given by: SparkY.-

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