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Admin Abuse on D2 24/7

kids fighting![img]images/smilies/huh.gif[/img]
[Image: Bullseye_Greatest_Hits_Vol_1_5_Textless.jpg]

[Image: cropped_parkertrashtalk.gif?ts=1399259142]

[Image: kawhi_dunk.gif]
Thanks given by: Lui , Sak , [BsK] [M]aquiavelico *EgU* , Ash

(05-08-2015, 02:09 AM)'rudeboy`' Wrote: <<< In my years as bsk I never abused my power


I was wondering why you didn't take a full screen shot with the dates. Now, I know! Once again, trying to use your powers to manipulate things.

[Image: 1zg6hee.png]

You are gonna bring something that happened a month ago to defend yourself? If you were so offended then you should have banned this guy right at the very moment. Funny thing is that those comments were not even directed towards you. I don't understand why would you bring that up in this thread??

I'm glad you left on your own, because after this. I would have kicked you out personally. Using the rank and the trust that we put in you to abuse your powers like that.
@deeznuts what makes you think you are allowed to use such language in Banished Soldiers?? You will apologise for the talking trash like that or else forget about this community and play where they allow such language.

As for your friend being banned. According to our rules, he needs to come here and make an unban appeal for himself. No one else can do that for him.
[Image: e1136783d43046c3dff262d2c156691ec094c65e...261cf0.gif]
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