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On 9-1-16 I became a proud father of a little baby girl.  Her name is Skylar Marie Veach and she was born 8lbs 9ozs.

[Image: 14184379_10206867881001139_1102425341277...e=587A7ADC]

Although both my wife and I are extremley exhausted, and this baby thing is a huge responsibility and a lot of work, we are so excited to have a happy and healthy baby. We plan on taking each stage one step at a time, and trying to savor every moment of raising our daughter that we can.
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"Time waits for no man."

This is the most important thing is that the baby this healthy and strong , blessings to you , your wife and your baby , Congratulations...!  Smile
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I really told you but you are a lucky man, she is so beautiful, congratulation both of you.
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Congratulations, huge step on your life and i wish you the best as father!
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Congratz bro. now we will create a "fathers spot" lel
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Congratulations man, best wishes for you and your lovely family Smile
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Congratulations man! i wish you the best to your baby and your family.

Btw: Know you cant fap eheueheeheueehu
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Congratulations bro Big Grin
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Congratulations! Blessings, health, and happinness for your family!
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Many congrats! Smile
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