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Starting now, every player you report, you report in your same thread.
Keep posting in your same thread.
Do not make multiple threads reporting one player, put them in your thread.

Format is still the same:

•Player Which You Are Reporting:
•Where this scene occured:
•IP or Steam-ID of the player:
•Admins which were active during this incident:
•Cheats Used:
•Date of Incident:

Remember put "status" in console when you are recording a demo

Tnx for the info ptR

I think need close this thread to avoid spam.
No matter what they try, I always rise from the ashes

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Due to a recent incident with a player posting demos of other players hacking from other clan's server, I would like to add that make sure that you are reporting to the right community before posting the demo for review of hackers. In addition to that, we, the admins of this community do not have the power in other communities to impose ban on players that are hacking in other communities' server. In conclusion, please make sure that the hacker in our servers before posting!
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In addition to my previous addition to this instruction, I would like to urge those who are reporting hackers to keep their report to keep their thread number to one and that it is to keep the forum as tidy and organized as possible so that we can access them quicker when we want to refer to a hacker. Lastly, have fun recording demos and reporting hackers. Again, please keep the thread number to one unless directed by a higher. Thanks for your attention.
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Thanks given by: turro123 , Brandon Lenin Cajina

I would like to update my previous post and that it is due to the fact that the forum has implemented a system to close all threads that have more than 7 days of inactivity. If your thread is closed and that you want to report a hacker, please contact a member with the ranking of Staff and higher to re-open the thread for you. Unless there are no members of Staff and higher ranking, please make another thread. However, you must indicate that your previous thread have been closed and that you were not able to contact a Staff or someone with a similar or higher rank to re-open the thread for you so that whoever is going to review the demo and determine the verdict would be able to ask for the thread to be merged into your previous thread and open it for another 7 days. Please note that is part of an ongoing effort to keep our clan spam free and to have an organized forum. Lastly, thank you for your time and have a good day.
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Thanks given by: turro123

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