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1st How To - To spot a hacker

This is a thread is about different types of hackers and how to spot someone that is hacking.

There are a two types of hackers out there:
1) Blatant hackers that don't give a shit if they get caught and banned
2) Hackers that are trying to disguise it but keep playing

Blatant Hackers

These guys are easy to see and ANYONE can tell that they are hacking. Why do they blatantly hack? They are bored or just trying out their newly downloaded hacks.

They do one or more of the following:

SPIN BOT- This is when the hacker constantly spins around in a 360 degree motion around while walking or running. This allows the hacker to see every angle and never get caught off guard. A dead giveaway is when they start to spin right after spawning in any map. When you are playing against them you might not notice this hack but believe this, they can see you behind them as they are spinning. However, when you are spectating them, you will definitely notice it. Most of the time, spin bots are done by scripts, not a third party program.

SPEED HACKING- They move at an accelerated rate on the ground. Their bullets could be firing at an accelerated rate also, if someone fires a whole clip of an awp or a para in 1 second flat it's pretty easy to tell this is not legit.

AIM BOT/NO RECOIL- Aim botting DOES NOT mean someone getting 5 headshots in one round. For people that play this game competitively beyond public servers, this is an easy task to do, especially once placed in a less competitive environment. Aim botting will move the crosshair for you, in an unnatural way to either the body or head of an opponent as well as make the bullet sprays/bursts very straight and unnatural, making them look like they are twitching after every bullet fired (No recoil).

WALL HACKING- Sometimes blatant hackers will wall bang (killing someone through a wall) other players at a very consistent rate. This doesn't mean that if someone kills you in de_nuke that they are automatically wall hacking. There are spots that are common and spots that are extremely uncommon. If someone is shooting the same spot for the first 30 seconds in a round and finally gets a kill, they got lucky. If someone is shooting 5 bullets into a wall, gets a kill, instantly switches his crosshair to another position firing another 5 bullets and getting another kill, it's more likely to be wall hacks.

Sneaky Hackers

Sneaky hackers are a bit more difficult to point out. They hack because they are trying to remain competitive and get an unfair advantage.
As you get more and more experienced you will know how to spot these guys out by heart but here are some of the things that you should look for to spot a sneaky hacker.

EVERY sneaky hacker has a wall hack on. However, they can all use it differently with one or more of the following combinations:

Prefiring- Prefiring is when someone shoots an angle before or as soon as an enemy appears. This could also be if the hacker turns the corner and is already shooting at someone that is hiding in a specific spot. Now, mind you, for the more experienced and competitive player, some spots are common to prefire when turning the corner. The best example is de_inferno. As a T, I LOVE to shoot into banana where the enemies head would be behind the triple box (or in the competitive world it's called headshot box because the only part that is sticking out is the head). I can even align my position to be covered by the long pole which would cover me, however, would not reduce damage for my bullets and allows me to get easy kills for anyone standing there. If someone consistently prefires people at rather odd angles or unusual timings (timings play a huge role for prefiring too, for example: de_dust2 as a T awping mid, some experienced awpers will shoot after the first 3 seconds of holding an angle hoping someone will run into the shot. However, holding angle for 10 seconds while no one crosses and then prefiring someone is very suspicious) it rises more suspicion and would be more inclined to assume they are a sneaky hacker.

Unusual crosshair placement- Some sneaky hackers slip up and when they slip, they slip HARD. The easiest way to see a sneaky hacker slipping is how they peak after turning a corner. Do they ignore common spots and only check the spots that an enemy happens to be in? If so, chances are they are a sneaky hacker. For example, in De_dust2, when going through mid double doors as a terrorist into the CT area, there are a few angles that are very vulnerable. You have to worry if there is an opponent to the left of the door, to the right of the door, above the door, to the right crevice WAY above the door, dark spot and above dark spot. If a sneaky hacker disregards common angles such as dark spot/to the right of the door because he KNOWS there is no one there and comes out looking towards B area, this could be the first sign of a sneaky hacker. Another example of unusual crosshair placement is if they have their crosshair already positioned towards the enemy when turning the corner, but not common spots, more like uncommon spots such as the sky corner in de_aztec above the double door to the left.

Getting caught off guard- How often does this player in question get caught off guard? Do they ever get flanked (shot in the back) or get flashed/naded? Do they suddenly take off or turn around BEFORE they hear a flash or see a flash turn a corner? Do they always seem to make the best move in the given circumstances? Just recently I witnessed a sneaky hacker yesterday in de_nuke (I believe it was Pre-A) where he was a T outside of lobby and occasionally in elbow of lobby (right as you turn the corner). Throughout ALL the spamming on T-roof and hut, this player ran away from a CT that was right about to turn the corner on him in elbow. That's not all though, as Pre-A was running away, he switched to his flash and threw it while running backwards and yet that CT player was not flashed. The CT player continued to run outside (all within 2-3 seconds mind you) while Pre-A had his AK out waiting for him to turn the corner. This was definitely a sneaky hacker as for one he did not get caught off guard (and there is no way in hell he heard him because I didn't hear him and I have nerdy hearing with my Audio Technica AD700) and two, he prefired the CT as he turned the corner at an usual angle AND timing with muffled sounds of gunfire everywhere.

Tracing people through walls- How often does the player in question just look at a wall while sitting still? Does he move his crosshair for no reason at a wall and slowly move it, as if he's drawing something or following someone with it? Sometimes more experienced players will move their crosshair to the noise of gunfire to centralize the sound a bit more to better determine the position and distance of the gunfire. Sometimes sneaky hackers will follow people through walls when they lose their focus and slip up.

Flashes/Smokes- How does the player react when flashed or looking through smoke(s). Now I'll tell you first hand, the more and more you play at a competitive level, the more you learn about self-awareness while being blind. The easiest way to react to a flash is by using radar as that remains on your screen (At least in 1.6, not sure about Source). This is a tough thing to judge somebody by. In order to properly determine if someone is using no-flash hack is judging them by how that player reacts when flashed by watching them in free chase cam in spectator mode. Or rewatch their pov demo using a no-flash cheat. If they get flashed and multi-kill by moving their crosshair, chances are they are cheating. If they get flashed and just spray the same angle they were holding and get 2, 3 or even 4 kills (a CT in dust2 holding a good angle in cat or tunnel from b platform) but don't move their crosshair, it's the sign of a good player, not a cheater. Smokes are even harder to judge someone by because in non-league formats, there is no restriction on 16-bit or 32-bit smokes. It is extremely easy to see through 2-3 smokes when a player has 16-bit on but sometimes it's even hard to see through 1 smoke in 32-bit, that's why players look at the floor to see for shadows in league competitive play. So judging someone that gets kills in smokes is irrelevant in non-league servers that don't enforce 32-bit.

I hope this guide helps, I'm sure there is something that I'm missing and I'll be sure to add it in once I remember.

Can someone please put this as an important thread?
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There's a hacking type called "Accuracy or Super Accuracy Hacker" which they using it for shooting at a point only, its not aimbot or autoaim and its still undetected for some secure servers like HLGuard servers.

Also they can use console hidder program to hide console commands from secure servers.

About accuracy hack, they can use "mp_accst 99" to hack it via console but old version of console says "unknown commmand: mp_accst"
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