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¿What is and how to make a demo?

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How to record a demo?
First, a demo is a "video" engraving from the counter-strike, the goal of these videos is to "frag video" or demonstrate attitudes of others, does not serve as proof that a person does not use wall as it only records what that "sees cs" and not what "the user sees."

To record a demo:

In console (during the event filming) we write: Record "nameofthedemo.dem"

(Eg record partida2.dem)

To play a demo:

There are programs for playing demos, but it can be done from within the Counter-Strike just open console and type: playdemo nameofthedemo.dem

Attention: For the Cs can play the demo should be in C: Program Files valve or counter-strike 1.6 (or whatever the name of the disk or folder where you have installed)

How to record a demo with HLTV:

1. First you must go to the root bone folder Valve installation of your game and opens the application hltv.exe says.

HLTV console 2. It will open:

3. After connecting to the server in which they are playing should type: connect "ip_of_you_server" as follows:

4. If the server you are playing is password before connecting MUST write: ServerPassword "password_of_server".

5. Once connected, with the command: record "name_of_demo" .dem, do not forget the .dem, will begin to record the demo:

6. Stop the demo should typing the following: stop record, and voila, the demo stay saved with the name they had in the aforementioned "cstrike" folder.

Well this was all concerning the demos, soon ...

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Thanks given by: [Yeo]^ , turro123 , TronLac , TREMOR

Thanks given by: TREMOR

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