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Forum Announcement: Warning Levels

Greetings Soldiers,

As you have noticed, some members have received warnings, which can be seen from their posts or their profile. Receiving a warning means you have done something against Banished law. The level of your warning depends on the severity of your actions as well as the number of repeating offences.

As of now only temporary warnings have been given out, meaning they will expire within a week or so. If a member happens to accumulate 100% warning, action will be taken to discipline that person. The method of action is up to me, be it a verbal warning or a permanent ban from the forums.

This isn't being implemented as a scare tactic, rather, it is a good method of being aware of what was done wrong, and the actions that can be taken to prevent future issues.

Here are some examples before I let you off.

-double posting/bumping old threads will net you a temporary warning.

-being extremely racist or posting explicit nudity will net you a permanent warning.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your gaming!